Anniversary post – 2013 checklist

Happy Seven Years, Catalyst Communications Choreography!


It has been a great journey so far, and one full of learning, excitement, challenge and maturity.

I’d like to reference a post from earlier in 2013, called Walking the Talk and it was a time of great inspiration for me and my company. I called it my Shiny Shoes Take Over because I needed to get a new pair of shoes, I needed to BeDazzle my company in order to accomplish my goals, I needed to start walking the talk!! – Something had moved me, stirring a wave of creativity, knowing I had to aim for bigger and better things.

Here was a few of my “To Do”s for the remainder of 2013 and how it went:

1. Get more Followers: that was it. I needed to get on top of building my professional profile on Linked in and Twitter in order to showcase talents, increase credibility, and get on radar of potential clients. I also used it as a source for B2B networking, which has been a challenge for me.

  • Status: I increased my twitter following by approx 64% as well as made a monthly list of ‘top PR people to follow on twitter’ by the fall – small but satisfying accomplishment. Also, beefed up my Linked in Profile with some helpful expertise. and added about 80 ppl to my network in a few months.
  • How’d she do it?: 1. Better blog posts 2. Commenting on blogs and Linked in Group posts 3. Following more relevant and like-minded PR, marketing and media folks on twitter.

2. Beef up my BLOG: I wanted to increase my influence among professionals and gain credibility using real life client case studies. I have a TON of knowledge and have gained so much experience that it would be a shame not to document and share it.

  • Status: I now have a blog that I am proud of. Each post is relevant, timely, uses real life examples and paints a good picture of my company’s knowledge and expertise. I am still working on more link sharing, following other blogs (sorry!) and related articles but all gets easier and better – and faster. If you’re waiting on this – just START! I also have created a small following – which tells me people are reading, and liking.
  • How’d she do it?: 1. Frequency. I posted more regularly (save December) – and tried to publish on Tues or Thurs at times that were most-read. I’m not saying I could do wayyyy better, but for me, it was a huge step to be able to commit to an average of 1 blog per week – this was my goal 🙂 2. Quality. I do not use my blog for drivel, or rants (ok, maybe the odd rant) but I always try to turn it to something meaningful that people can use, share or take away. Quality over quantity. 3. Audience. I tried to write posts so that they would be relatable for PR professionals, but could be of value to business owners who were looking to understand PR. It also gives clients (present and potential) a feel of ‘what I do’, ‘how I think’ and ‘what my company does’. I now almost direct more people to my blog than my website – (yikes! i know… that’s next)

3. Update My Website: I always knew I needed some updating on my site, but it really hit me when I ran into a former colleague/client and after chatting about the stuff I’ve been doing and the steps I’ve made she said simply, “You need to update your site!” Which to me meant, ‘your site no longer reflects you, and doesn’t speak to how you’ve grown or what you can do for people.’ HUGE!

  • Status: still working on this one BUT have made much progress behind the scenes and may be as early as Feb 2014.
  • How’d she do it?: 1. Engaged with designers and video production people, asking questions and getting ideas of how my company could be better reflected online. 2. Found an affordable and edgy web designer who I think can capture my needs 3. Researched other sites and learned what I liked and didn’t like. Exploring the use of infographics, social media and video to remain more current in portraying my services to visitors.

4. Time to Walk the Talk: This basically means that I had to start leading by example. If I thought I was the expert in using social media to communicate a clear directive and message, I had to be better at it myself. If I knew how to get a news story published, I had share some tips. If I was telling people what wasn’t working for their website, mine needed to do the same. If I was reading and researching the latest PR and marketing practices and expanding my knowledge and being DAM good at what I do – I needed people to believe it!

I have now adopted ‘Walk the Talk’ as a company motto for how I service my clients, and I hope that I can continue to lead by example in 2014.

Happy New Year everyone 🙂


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