Rant of the day – Clients, let go of your baby!

Ok I have to have a little rant here to get off my chest. (…as I aspire to practice the art of non-harbouring … lol)

I love working with clients that have their subject matter down pat. They may even have their favourite key messages ready to go! But pleeease don’t assume that you know how to pitch to media, or tell me who you will decide to speak with.

If you have hired me to build that bridge, link you with the ‘subject matter of the day’ and get that third party endorsement, then please let me do my job.

It’s not always about who you know:

That reporter may have covered you or quoted you once upon a time, but the fact is, times have changed; Economy, markets, legislation, technology, whatever your subject matter – it has changed, or at least the circumstances around it move quickly, and if you’re relying on that ‘lunch’ you had a year ago to be the key to your next article, your are 1. Underestimating the amount of work that reporter has on their plate, and 2. Undervaluing the thought process (i.e. me!) that is behind making that subject matter FIT with that particular journalist, beat or news outlet’s agenda.

I’m not saying what we do is rocket science – it’s not – but there IS a method to our madness, and believe it or not, a right way and a wrong way to go about dealing with editors, reporters or publishers. And unfortunately they are not holding their breath for you to dazzle them with your latest insights –  They’ve seen it, covered it, they want something new.

I know – It’s hard to leave your baby in the hands of another to go out into the big mean world – but as PR professionals, we (should always) strive to hold it close, convey your passion and deliver a message you are proud of. We’re just simply better at it than you.

Rant over – thank you 🙂


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