‘Walking the Talk’ in my shiny new shoes

uhm… hello end of June! when did you get here?

So, I was recently on a local business talk show discussing various subjects around PR and the media. Near the end, the host asked us guests if we’d like to share any news, launches or events happening with our business. I had nothing. I had LOTS to talk up for my clients … but what was going on with me?

That was it. It was time to give my business the attention it deserved – and was ready for!

Yes, I have two young children, a home in various states of renovation, a part-time teaching gig and various clients on the go … but hey, who isn’t busy? (said the plucky entrepreneur)

So, I’m sharing my mission with you, since this is a forum for discussing not only business stuff, but also about my growth as a small (for now) boutique agency, just trying to find its way in this big ol’ world…


We all know the saying, the Cobbler’s kids have no shoes (he’s too busy making everyone else’s)? Well, I’m sick of it! I’m taking these puppies downtown and getting them some snazzy, strappy, fierce foot-bling!

OK well, it may take a while; new shoes are expensive. But I’ve got creativity – and I’ve made the public declaration so now I can’t go back on it.

I’m finally going to walk the talk that I deliver to my clients each day and it feels great!

Oh, you thought I was going to reveal my plans?… all will be revealed.

Happy Shoe Shopping everyone 🙂


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