Budget envy … but size doesn’t matter – right?

I love what I do and am quite content having a handful of diverse, intresting small to mid sized companies on whom I can focus and do exceptional work! …but I want bigger budgets.

There – I said it.

Do I sometimes wish upon a star for that ‘big’ fish client with cushy budgets like when I was a young go-getting PR freelancer? YES!

So am I bitter to see a larger, more successful PR firm on this year’s PROFIT list of the hottest growing companies…. NO!

In fact, I’m surprise, intruigued and INSPIRED and it gets me to thinking – yes, that could be me and YES I could be that CEO… if I had budgets that big.

Sigh – while this company is hiring chefs to host fancy dinners and inviting celebrities to their launch events, I’m happy to snag ‘Zippy the Clown’ from his recent Family Day gig for some extra PR punch. While she has clients that hand over a national survey and says ‘here you go! Get to work and have fun. yay!’  – I’m sifting through 5 year old statistics and client testimonials. 

Don’t get me wrong – I’m creative. I have to be!! I genuinely believe I’m better at my craft for having to work so hard for my clients.

Nor is this a dig on small business! The idea of actually helping companies, brainstorm for their first big ideas, to get them excited about their product all over again, to genuinely be happy to meet with clients and see something take shape from the ground up…. I would never change in a million years 🙂 It’s why I’ll always be an entrepreneur –

but I guess once in a while … it’s natural to have – big budget envy.

But hey, size doesn’t matter… it’s what you do with it – right?



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