We’re all ears .. no PRessure!

The world of social media has cracked opened the marketplace so much so, that we now have the capability to say anything at any time to a growing audience of loyal ‘followers’ who flock to our expertly branded web pages .… great, now what?

As small and medium size businesses dive into free online networks to promote their business, some are becoming frozen with fear – they are realizing that when it comes to knowing what to say, it’s not as easy as choosing a snappy @handle.

More and more small and medium sized businesses are turning to communications and public relations professionals to nail down the right message.Just like your ideal customer, the internet also contains ‘audiences’ – people that use your product, read the news, and follow your industry – so you, as the expert  BETTER be on the same page. In fact, you’ll need to be one step ahead.

This is a great time for PR’s role in social media. We are communicating about our clients all the time – through key messages, media, in discussion boards – and it’s a natural progression to be able to continue that conversation to the social media world.  – we can at least provide some assistance in the appropriate use of some of these tools for your ‘marketing’ purposes.

I don’t believe that social media is just another ‘touch point’ in the marketplace, it needs to be nurtured a little bit more than that.

I heard it put best from @BJMendelson, “If you are raising awareness without offering solutions, you are wasting people’s time and money.” Basically, the best advice I can give for social networking is, if you are going to tweet or post something, make it relevant… and if you’re not sure what that means, talk to a PR professional who can explain it!

Thanks for your ears – I mean, eyes…?


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