Over app-ed, Overwhelmed, Tweeted out?

Is it just me? Or is it absolutely impossible to follow, tag, bookmark, read and keep up with the general twitterati of the online and print media world!?

I know it’s part of the PR profession to ensure that you’re at least on top of the news before your day even gets started, but with the ‘5 coolest apps’ I need to have, the latest industry news (which is already old if you’re reading it at 4:24am?) and the recent scandal that hit the airwaves in the last day – I sometimes can’t keep up.

I hesitate to follow people because I’m afraid I won’t even get to read half of their tweets – on an average day I only have the chance to check in once or twice a day for a total of 20 min. If we’re being real here.

I have client time to bill, not to mention other networks to participate, events to attend, a family, driving, EATING….

I don’t know – social networking has really created an opportunity for PR professionals to up their game, but at what cost? More hours away from other aspects of our job… less client service due to simply ‘not having the time’… or just a flurry of interruptions over lunch or God forbid, a client meeting…

The industry says we are making more money in our profession than ever and it’s the fastest growing. Makes sense. But looks to me like we’re working a little harder for it too!

But are we getting SMARTER for it?  Some would say Absolutely – others… well, they only have 140 characters to get their point across.


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