Managing my P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S time

Wow – it’s amazing how a half hour or 45 min. can completely ELUDE YOU while you are head first into the world of work, phone calls, research, etc…


I was only 3 hrs into my day when I had been working on so many different aspects of one account that I almost missed entering an entire half hour of research! Can only imagine what my billing/schedule would look like if I waited until the end of the day or *gasp* all week to log my time.


This is not about scrimping pennies and billing clients – it’s about DEMONSTRATING YOUR VALUE when the need arises. I like to remind myself (and my accounts) of the work that I’ve performed, often above and beyond, during the month and will often make some sort of record of this on my monthly invoices. They don’t need to know when I took my coffee breaks – but informing them that you took some time to look into their competition, or a few hours reviewing articles in their industry, can only add value to your services.


My question to you is how do you manage your time? I have a program I use called OLTime which I started with at the beginning of my business and just have gotten used to – I can track my time by minutes, per client, billing, and do all sorts of things. There’s of course freshbooks, and a host of others.


Another article here – hope you find of some use!


PS: Blogging gets its own category under Business Management J


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