Rockstar work days

As I’ve had about 4 days alone now without family in the house – toddler, dog, husband have all gone North – it has helped to re-iterate that I am a multitasking rockstar!!

With my time to think and plan (harkening back to the days where I didn’t have to rush home to: let the dog out, start dinner, pick up from daycare, do groceries, etc) I have managed to reFUEL my passion for this industry and for my own company’s growth. Oh and started a blog and cleaned up some office admin to boot. You can get a LOT done in a full day without interruptions or having to THINK about someone else for a change.

The downside of purely focusing on a rockstar work day, I rarely take breaks – to eat, drink, pee – sad, but true!

In the last year of running my own business, I have cut my work days down from 4-5 semi-productive at-home work days to 2-3 in-office HALF days yet have made more money, gained more partnerships, and all while managing to be at home to raise my little boy almost every day of the week.

If you are considering an out of home working environment, I highly recommend an environment where you can share creative concepts, ask questions, learn from other like-minded professions (and colleagues), be proud to take clients, maybe even develop some cool friendships.

Must run – it’s almost 8pm and I’m making myself shut ‘er down!!




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